The five year plan

Mrs B


In April this year, Phil and I decided to make a 5 year plan, the objective is to buy our own holiday home by the sea. With all the children fleeing the nest we felt it was a goal we could almost touch! We have spent over 20 years on the east coast, Skegness, Chapel St Leonard’s, Louth etc. We have always had caravan holidays and upraded every couple of years, but as we are getting a bit older we thought it would be better to have something a wee bit more permanent, something that could be a project, we would also cut down on some of those site fees which are now between £1,500 to £2,500 on that same coast per season, which is usually March to October.

Both of our work commitments have changed over the past 2 years so we don’t have the freedom to go to the beach every…

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