The Moona is a smart sleep system that keeps your pillow cool

Cool pillow feels COOL:)


Why it matters to you

Always looking for the cool side of the pillow? Look no longer with Moona.

It’s 2017, and you deserve better than having to constantly flip your pillow to find the cool side. Luckily, the team behind Moona agrees, and has launched a new “smart sleep system” that promises to both induce and deepen sleep by adjusting your head and neck temperature during your repose.

Comprised primarily of a memory foam pad that you place in your pillow case (alongside your pillow) and a water-filled hub that you place on your nightstand, the Moona works by cooling and heating the liquid, sending it between the hub and your pillow. When you first get into bed, Moona promises to being “gently cooling down your pillow,” decreasing your body temperature to help you fall asleep faster. And as your body adjusts and gradually begins to reheat your pillow…

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