Punjabi Platter(Punjabi Thali) — Smart Veg Recipes

Punjabi Cuisine refers to the cuisine of Punjab,India.Punjabi cuisine is based on own style of cooking(Tandoori cooking) ,milk based food(milk,curd,paneer/cottage cheese,clarified butter),Wheat,rice,lentils(whole chickpea,whole red beans). Punjabi cuisine lots of variety in breads as tandoori naan,tandoori roti,missi roti,parathas,bhatoora.Lassi is most famous drink in Punjabi cuisine.Punjabi Platter/Thali is made with,salad.bread,rice,dal,curry,dessert,chutney means sweet,salty,sour all flavors in one platter […]

via Punjabi Platter(Punjabi Thali) — Smart Veg Recipes


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