The Roof of the World

The Roof of the World



From a young age I have dreamt of travel, as a child I would lay down on the floor with the atlas open on one side of me and books about ancient civilisations on the other – my favourites were ancient Egypt and ancient Japan. During my university years I became infatuated with Asia, this […]

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Beautiful Waterfalls in India

Beautiful Waterfalls in India


Water falls are everywhere in the world. Every water fall has their own beauty. In India my favorite water fall is Campty Fall in Massooree. I don’t know it is real name or other. I am little confuse.




Hey there, bloggers! About a month ago, I wrote a post about some destinations in Asia that I was interested in going to, which you can find here. Considering that I’ve only been to three countries there so far in my life– China, Taiwan, and Japan– I would definitely like to explore more of the […]

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AT THE VERY TOP OF THE EARTH IN BHUTAN, TIME IS RELATIVE. Your clock is six hours ahead of London, 30 minutes ahead of Calcutta, 15 minutes later than Katmandu. And it’s half the world and 500 years away from wherever you are right now. Imagine Britain during the Elizabethan era: men are wearing white ruffles […]

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