Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies

Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies -------------------------------------------------------- We always buy Wafel Cookies from specialty food store. I don't know how to make. May be i will try. I think we can use fruits and maple syrup with cookies. Looks delicious. 🙂 Most Dutch street food is comfort food – frite (French fries), poffertje (mini pancakes) and bitterballen (battered [...]

Plant-based ‘Strawberry Cupcakes’

Tempting treats to break a tooth on Blossom  Friends ------------------------------------------------------- From comments, Kelly Chen 5 years ago Cinnamon sugar can be used or raw sugar brown sugar. Canola oil is also GMO. Monica Watson 6 years ago Coconut flour is very hard to use in recipes w/out using another flour. Your pastry will fall apart [...]