Dinner on a beach

Dinner on a beach

It’s one of those bucket list things. Dinner on a beach. I’m not talking fish n chips, here (although that can be pretty perfect, too) I’m talking dressing up, fine dining, cocktails, and all with toes in the sand. So when we discovered that our holiday rental had access to this pretty beach – a […]

via Dinnertime in Blue Bay, Curaçao — Rose Bay Letters

Baltic Sea in Mecklenbur

Baltic Sea  in Mecklenbur

Rostock is Germany’s largest Baltic port. Rostock is also home to a large  ferry Port. It is a main base for ferry operators. Which both connect Rostock with major Scandinavian destinations.

Rostock has highest number of cruise tourists in Germany every year.

The Baltic Sea flows out through the Danish straits.  The flow is complex. A surface layer of brackish water discharges 230 cu mi per year into the North Sea.

The northern part of the Baltic Sea is known as the  Gulf of Bothnia  this is called as Bothnian Bay.

The fauna of the Baltic sea is a mixture of marine and freshwater species.