Baroque paper wigs

Baroque paper wigs

Asya Kozina‘s ‘baroque paper wigs’ reappropriate the wild hairstyles of victorian-era. The artist creates her eccentric wigs from standard Whatman paper bought from an ordinary stationary shop. Work with white paper has become the artist’s signature mode of expression, and it is the only material with which she can experiment tirelessly. Kozina believes that white paper […]

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Indian dance in Udaipur

Udaipur, a most beautiful city in Rajastan, has so much to offer; after my Indian cooking class, which I had already written a post about, I rushed over to the Haveli Museum, where every evening takes place a performance of Indian dance in the atrium of this old museum. It’s atmosphere is quite mystic The audience […]

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Surreal Portraits with Scenescaped Hairstyles

Surreal Portraits with Scenescaped Hairstyles

Moss and Fog

Geneviève Bellehumeur and Anaïs Faubert have a fantastical series of hairstyles that embody an entire scene, be it a volcano spewing lava, or a medieval castle. From the artists:

We wanted to combine our strengths, both in photography and photo editing, to go beyond the flat reality of portraits and rather show a glimpse of the rich inner selves of our subjects. A way to show that behind our masks, we are complex and have dreams.

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Kpop Girl Idol Hairstyles —

Kpop Girl Idol Hairstyles



Kpop girl idols are constantly changing up their hairstyles throughout their careers and setting trends. Here are a few styles that almost all kpop idols have had!

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