Picnic ideas from American Girl Dolls Picnic

Picnic ideas from American Girl Dolls Picnic
American Girl Dolls Picnic Table,
What is your choice of food for the picnic:)
Food choices comments,

Picnic ideas from American Girl Dolls Picnic
American Girl Dolls Picnic Table,
What is your creative choice of food for the picnic:)

Food choices – comments,

Kawaii poptart Studios
2 years ago (edited)
Ahhhh I love that picnic set its soooo cute my picnic essential has to be a good scenery a camera and my ag doll xD love ur channel ago and my picnic food essential has to be watermelon.

Nataly Velazquez
2 years ago
I would have to take fresh fruit a blanket and some Oreos and some chips I love them and I love ur your American Girl collection and I love your vids

Kaylee TheWolf
2 years ago
My picnic essential has to be my American girl doll, and my favorite food to bring is sandwiches. I love sandwiches.
Maxine Wiggins
2 years ago
Our picnic essentially would be this set!!!! We have wanted this for over year. We would never go on a Picnic without this set and 2 American Girl Brand Dolls. This set in incredible in every way. The Lemonade Dispenser is so realistic. So nice to see them supply items for 2 Dolls to rat the same thing, that is so important to me. We hope we will be blessed with it soon. We also want the Our Generation Brand Boat. Great job, Our Generation Brand. If you do a give away on this item, please include our name. The Lantern is just over the top.

AG Motions
2 years ago
A blanket
And for the food fruit and chick-Fila.

Steven Universe
2 years ago
I will bring

  1. Lemonade
  2. Candy
  3. Cake
  4. My phone
  5. My doll
  6. My family and friends
  7. Food.

Ashley Stewart
2 years ago
What a great video!
I like Chicago style hot dogs (no ketchup 😋). And my favorite picnic food is potato salad, but fresh fruit is a close second.

Bhoomi Sheoran
2 years ago
I like mustard and ketchup on both but less ketchup on a hot dog!
my favorite and important food is to get sandwiches and fresh juice on a picnic!

Cactus Bloom
1 year ago
I don’t really go on picnics, but I like bringing snacks on hikes! Like nuts and protein bars.

I like Memes
2 years ago
mine would be chips;-; and candy and fruit 🍉

Kaia Ttofas
2 years ago
I don’t have picnics a lot but when I do I love to bring watermelon and cookies

Toy Bonnie 93
2 years ago
My essential items at a picnic would be a picnic basket and a blanket. I must have food is either Sandwiches or Pizza.

Kadence Bennett
2 years ago
I would bring macaroni because I like macaroni and it’s so good.

octavio tranaruiz
2 years ago
Burger food and we need waaater.

Sofia Rain Salas
2 years ago
I love Jell-O.

2 years ago

laurie bell
2 years ago
potato salad.

Shradha Sharma
2 years ago (edited)
When I would get a chance to go to a picnic, I will pack up some fresh fruits like watermelon 🍉, apples🍎, strawberries 🍓and maybe some grapes 🍇, and I will also eat something unhealthy food
which would be some chocolate brownie 🍫.

emily eq
2 years ago
A sandwich, watermelon 🍉 a drink 💦 and some cookies 🍪 or cake.

Nylah Benson
2 years ago
And grapes.

Sophie Louize
2 years ago

Clarice Brandt
2 years ago

1 year ago
Ava Salois
2 years ago
First of all at a picnic I need a watermelon and pink lemonade. I only use ketchup on my hotdog and burger. I also like cheese on my burger. By the way, Mal getting trapped in the picnic table was really funny!!

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American Girl Dolls Picnic Table!!


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