Happy New Year! It’s 2018 now!

Happy New Year! It’s the time again to bid farewell to another year. Goodbye 2017! 2017 has been a smooth year for me filled with travels, studies and love from my family. I have spent most of the entire year in Australia for my study, and it was the same for the year 2016 as […]

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North Cascades Highway

North Cascades Highway



Summer 2011 was the summer of road trips. I graduated from college in early June without any plan in terms of jobs. My travel plans, however, were plenty. But first, I had to make it back to Montana. I had my car out in Bellingham with me, but my mom and sister had driven out […]

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Lego Bike from BMW

Lego Bike from BMW


BMW and Lego are combine to make Motor cycles, but these different type of bikes. We never thought about other than watching movies or kids toys where kids can imagine flying bikes or cars. Now we can see our  imagination fulfilled with reality with companies like, lego and BMW.

These are ” FLYING BIKES “.