Lets Makes a “Beach Book” for party

If you need vegan options for a party.

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Firefly: how to use energy wisely

Firefly: how to use energy wisely

Emotion is a short-lived state of mind, kind of momentum of a given situation. Emotions have an incredible effect on our actions, decisions and sometimes they even rule our life in a large extent. A question arises : are emotions equally powerful in each individual? Is the intensity of emotions standardised so that we all feel them in the same […]

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Momma Bear, Cubs Filmed Swimming In Lake Tahoe Waters Close To People

Momma Bear, Cubs Filmed Swimming In Lake Tahoe Waters Close To People



SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS SF) — A momma bear and her two cubs took a dip in Lake Tahoe’s waters Monday, seemingly unfazed by nearby fellow sunbathers and swimmers. The bears were filmed in the water at Pope Beach in South Lake Tahoe, and uploaded to the internet. The bears reportedly retreated into the woods…

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Belize’s “Blue Hole”

Belize’s “Blue Hole”

When i see the “Water World “, show  in Universal Studios.

 In the “Water World “, show they  found dry-land . It looks like a fake story but when you came to know about Belize’s “Blue Hole”,our thinking  will change into reality.

I never thought about Belize’s  Great Blue Hole is a large underwater-mystery.

The Mysterious and Enigmatic Belize Great Blue Hole is a large underwater.This hole is off the coast of Belize. This is the old ancient Maya.

20,000 years ago it was “dry-land”.