Modern Rules of Cooking =)

Modern Rules of Cooking =)


Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve been on a bit of a cooking spree recently, and these are some of the things i’ve found myself doing and kinda all the things we seem to do/end up doing in kitchen in 2016. Idk, i’m ill, this post is so hard to describe XD

1) The case of the chargrilled fish fingers

food exploding gif blog.gif

I don’t know about any of you guys, but i don’t think anyone can officially cook, until they’ve burned fish-fingers at least twice (my current count is around 6 times….oops)

The main culprit of this is usually…

2) Jam like yo life depends on it!

jamming gif blog

Making any meal is not called cooking, without a crazy jamming sesh. halfway through! If anything burns/overflows, blame the music, bc i’m probably jamming my little heart out! =)

3) Tumblr-fy it!

pancakes tumblr blog

What is it with the internet! On every single beauty vlogger/lifestyle/fashion person’s…

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