Vegan American breakfast

Vegan American breakfast Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It's all in our mind. It is always too much thinking what to eat for breakfast in the morning. In our house we don't have any rule, we eat breakfast items for dinner or lunch too. I am too lazy to cook. We need complete nourishment so this [...]

Modern Rules of Cooking =)

Modern Rules of Cooking =)


Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve been on a bit of a cooking spree recently, and these are some of the things i’ve found myself doing and kinda all the things we seem to do/end up doing in kitchen in 2016. Idk, i’m ill, this post is so hard to describe XD

1) The case of the chargrilled fish fingers

food exploding gif blog.gif

I don’t know about any of you guys, but i don’t think anyone can officially cook, until they’ve burned fish-fingers at least twice (my current count is around 6 times….oops)

The main culprit of this is usually…

2) Jam like yo life depends on it!

jamming gif blog

Making any meal is not called cooking, without a crazy jamming sesh. halfway through! If anything burns/overflows, blame the music, bc i’m probably jamming my little heart out! =)

3) Tumblr-fy it!

pancakes tumblr blog

What is it with the internet! On every single beauty vlogger/lifestyle/fashion person’s…

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