Slow and Scenic…Traveling Amtrak’s Coast Starlight

We always see it, want to take Amtrak whenever we go to Los Angeles. We have never gone on Amtrak. We use Cal Train, sometimes. Amtrak's are so cool.:)  It's FUN!!!! In response to enthusiasm shared with friends about last month’s travels with mom aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, I’m frequently asked, “Was it on time?” It [...]


Amtrak’s next-gen high-speed trains

Amtrak’s next-gen high-speed trains

This is amazing 🙂


When it comes to high-speed rail, the US lags behind many other nations ? but that?s set to change, as the government just gave Amtrak a $2.45 billion loan to launch a new generation of high-speed trains within the next five years. Magnetic levitation technology is often associated with trains, but one engineer came up with a wild concept for a self-driving mag-lev vehicle that doubles as a living room. In other transportation news, a technology group 3D printed a cutting-edge bicycle from scratch, and a group of Gaza students built a sun-powered car to battle the region?s fuel crisis.

Renewable energy is surging in the States ? and Iowa just officially approved the largest wind project in the country, which will produce enough electricity to power 800,000 homes. Meanwhile, MIT developed a new solar cell that is more efficient and less expensive than existing technologies. We also explored how…

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