Slow and Scenic…Traveling Amtrak’s Coast Starlight

We always see it, want to take Amtrak whenever we go to Los Angeles. We have never gone on Amtrak. We use Cal Train, sometimes.

Amtrak’s are so cool.:)  It’s FUN!!!!

In response to enthusiasm shared with friends about last month’s travels with mom aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, I’m frequently asked, “Was it on time?” It seems almost everyone has heard a story of someone grossly inconvenienced by a late arriving train. While it is true that scheduled station stops do tend to be more approximate […]

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Travel friendly accessories

Travel friendly accessories

For me traveling is anxiety. Really it should be fun not anxiety. It makes everybody tense.

I decided what could feel me good. I found so many things online, in stores but you can only take 50 lbs. per suitcase, not all of those things we use everyday.

Because it’s so convenient at home to use different brand daily items but not for travelling.

We need some of smart less weight and healthy things with us. 🙂

1     Spray vitamins (Instavit),google&utm_medium=fpl,PLA&utm_term=InstavitInstantEnergyOralSprayPeppermint017oz&utm_content=157100&utm_campaign=googlebase&site=google_base&scid=scplp157100&sc_intid=157100&utmp_campaign=SC_Shopping_Campaign_Mid_Margin&gclid=CjwKEAjw8ZzHBRCUwrrV59XinXUSJADSTE5k-fuO4ftaRZ9CtHFD5EE-K1RYQ02qHrPOYzdrupFFwBoC9-rw_wcB

2     Sleep mask (sharperimage)

3    Shaving cream bits (Pacific shaving Company) minis

4     Garment bag (1

5 Portable air pollution monitor

6 Oxygen level checking monitor