What is the effect of caffeine on teens’ serotonin level? Importance of Neurotransmitters

What is the effect of caffeine on teens’ serotonin level?
Importance of Neurotransmitters.
Before I didn’t know about these things. My parents always use their perfect discipline. They always know they don’t want to drink caffeine after the certain time. Dinner time, walking time, work time is always regulated.

For my family, I think I didn’t have a kind of discipline.
I think I did the bad thing I love chocolate and I used to eat chocolate and then I nurse my kids same time in the evening.
it doesn’t affect me so much because I am an adult woman.
I think it did effect on my child’s serotonin level.
because they already have the habit of drinking caffeine through the breastmilk.
Even though they have decaffeinated tea or sugary food. It does effect on their sleep pattern.

What is your opinion about serotonin level and sleep pattern?


how much the effect of caffein on teens


Genius opinion about

If we are a genius. I don’t know about me. According to me, everybody is a genius in their area.
Genius is doesn’t mean they have tons of money. If you can figure it out what is your work and how to deal. In my opinion, they are a genius.
let’s see and figure it out and then we will discuss more:)




Professor Martin Seligman talks about psychology.

Professor Martin Seligman talks about psychology.

According to Professor Martin Seligman,” traditional clinical psychology focusing more on the repair of unhappy states than the propagation and nurturing of happy ones”.


Love ’em or hate ’em, robots….

Leila Takayama is an expert on robots, she is interested in building robots that interact with people, that do things for people in their day-to-day lives, not just in factories and on battlefields.

We all are intimidated by robots, but that goes away when we interact with them. We quickly fall into talking to them like they’re alive, like they’re our partners, or pets.

Scientists are making robots easier to live and work with. Now robots have body language, so we can interact with them easily.:)