Choral singing and mind

Choral singing and mind


New research points to one reason joining a choir boost mental health.

Bay area is getting more cars and stress. Last few years, bay areas populations increase so, more cars more stress and anxiety develop recently.

The morning commute is getting tough too. Especially when people “Honk”.

I don’t like when people honk, we are not used to. Used to be very rude. We don’t have the habit to honk anybody.

As soon as I listen to my favorite song. It lowers my stress level.

I think joining Choral is a good idea for anybody, it will make their stressful life to simple good life.

points to one reason joining a choir boost mental health. The new research points to one reason joining a choir boost mental health.

The study “supports the existence of a specific ‘choir effect,'” write psychologists Julie Lynch and Charlotte Wilson of Trinity College Dublin. Their research is published in the journal Psychology of Music.

A wealth of academic research demonstrates an empirical link between choral singing and well-being. This study investigated the construct of state mindfulness as a potential generative mechanism by which this link exists. A within-subject design measured levels of state mindfulness in choristers before and after a choir rehearsal. Assessing state mindfulness before and after listening to a piece of music at home acted as the control condition. State mindfulness was assessed by the Mindful State Questionnaire (MSQ) among a sample of 83 adult amateur choristers (65 females, mean age 51.9 years). The development and psychometric properties of the MSQ are described. Paired t-tests revealed significant increases in levels of state mindfulness for both conditions (choir singing; t = 10.82, p < .001, η2 = 0.58; listening to music; t = 4.48, p < .001, η2 = 0.21), however the effect sizes and confidence intervals indicated a far greater effect for the choral singing condition.

According to their research. The research result  include, “I am aware of my feelings without getting lost in them”; “I am finding it easy to concentrate on what I am doing”; and “I am daydreaming, worrying, or otherwise distracted.”


Gilroy gardens holiday lights

Gilroy gardens holiday lights



California’s Great America WinterFest Opening Night 2016

California’s Great America WinterFest Opening Night 2016

After 40 years, The Great America has WinterFest. This is so beautiful to have staycation for bay area people. 🙂

Disney LOL

Disney LOL

Disney LOL with Crazy Comic Book Girl. It’s fun to eat ice cream in warm summer day.Happy ice cream day.


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Magic OR 3D Light Show

Magic OR 3D Light Show

The Redwood City Improvement Association    has creative work with 3D light show. Downtown on Courthouse Square for free 3D video mapping light and sound show.This is located  outside of the San Mateo County History Museum they  transform into a virtual work of art every Tuesday evening this Summer.

The new show, titled “Sea-ing is Believing” water flow.


We’re All Producers !!!!

We’re All Producers !!!!


If you market your business online, your strategy needs to include video content. In a jarringly brief amount of time, branded video content has come to dominate online communication. By 2017, it’s estimated that videos will account for 69 percent of all internet traffic. It’s been proven that video can be a powerful tool…

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