Are You a Nasal breather or Mouth Breather? — FitStrong Brisbane

During our warm up mobility section of training I frequently need to remind members to try to maintain nasal breathing, especially on the inhale. This often continues into the main sections of power and strength work but, why? What’s so important about sustaining nasal breathing? Before looking at why we should breath nasally let’s first […] [...]


“Never Again Blocked Sinuses ” Horse Radish – Pickled/Canned  — Oh Yes, They Did

Today I didn’t get any crafts done 😕. I was way too busy in the kitchen, that and my current project is time consuming. I will try to update on that tomorrow! Today I made a batch of “Never Again Blocked Sinuses ” Horse Radish! Boy was it potent smelling! 😭 Sandie via “Never Again Blocked [...]