Week of Yoga Workouts, Evolving Goals, Soul Detox, & How to breathe correctly (I’ve been breathing wrong my whole life!) — Fitness Journey Blog

Workouts — Dates: February 19-26 PROGRESS Photo of the week! I’m switching up how I log my ‘workouts’ this week, due to the past couple weeks of logging taking a bit more time than I’d like! So, here is what my typical weekdays are looking like: Steps: approximately 11,000-16,000 a day Morning Yoga Practice: […] via [...]

Breathing Method for Blocked Nose

Breathing Method for Blocked Nose When used anything for kids. Please use proper precautions. Check with your Doctor. 🙂 After long viral, i found these sites which may be good. Please choose carefully. Thanks. Check if you have any allergy with any product. We can BOOST HEALTH with the help of CREATIVITY. For Sinus ------------------------- [...]